Complaints concerning product defects can be made within two years from the date of purchase. Goods bought in the online shop can be complained in two ways:

The easiest way is in any Oleksy shop in Poland. Prepare only the product for complaint and information that will allow us to confirm the purchase – e.g. receipt, invoice or order confirmation.

You can also send the products for complaint to our e-shop following our instructions:

download, print and fill in the complaint form

pack the product(s) and send them back by pre-paid delivery to the address below:

"Oleksy" Sp. J. Paweł i Witold Oleksy
Stanisław Dolny 274
34-130 Kalwaria Zebrzydowska

kontakt mailowy:

Within 14 days after we receive the package, we will consider the complaint and send you a feedback. If the complaint is accepted, you will receive a return of the product without indicated defect or the amount due as for product(s) to your bank account


Complaints are subject to hidden defects due to the manufacturer’s fault, in footwear used in accordance with its purpose and properly maintained. Footwear for complaints should be returned clean along with the proof of purchase. Complaints not subject to complaint:

  1. natural wear and tear of shoes, including abrasion of leather soles,

  2. subjective perception of inconvenience to footwear,

  3. footwear used improperly; not in accordance with its purpose or treated improperly,

  4. footwear with obvious defects of which the buyer was aware on the date of purchase,

  5. mechanically damaged shoes (upholstery, abrasions, tears, improper adjustment of footwear to the foot),

  6. stains caused by soaking the footwear,

  7. damage to the varnish coating or heels,

  8. discoloration of the inside of footwear made of natural leather in accordance with the Polish standard in this respect,

  9. foot dyeing.