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Payment methods

 1. Transfer / prepayment

The order will be realized after the money is credited to OLEKSY’s bank account.

Data necessary to make a transfer:

"Oleksy" Co. Paweł i Witold Oleksy
Stanisław Dolny 274
34-130 Kalwaria Zebrzydowska

Alior Bank
11 2490 0005 0000 4600 9140 7402


2. Electronic payment

Settlement of e-transfer transactions is carried out via DotPay.

3. Cash on delivery

If you choose the cash on delivery method, you will pay for ordered goods in cash on delivery.

4. Cash

Personal collection in company shops:

Sklep Bytom
adres: Centrum Handlowe M1 Bytom   
ul. Strzelców Bytomskich 96

Sklep Zabrze
adres: Centrum Handlowe M1 Zabrze 
ul. Plutonowego R. Szkubacza 1

Sklep Kraków
adres: Centrum Handlowe M1 Kraków
al. Pokoju 67